Water the single element that occupies the majority of the earth. Although, this constituent surrounds us yet most times when people see it what comes to mind is swimming and a few other water-based activity like standing by the seashore and soaking up the feeling of seeing a vast expanse of water. Well, have you considered boating as a leisurely activity carried out on water? If you have, I would say good for you but if you haven’t this article is just for you. Let me feed you in on boating, which is merely the leisurely activity of traveling on water by boat. Boating which I would like to think of as an activity which involves the use of vessels such as powerboats, sailboats and even man-powered boats which are propelled by rowing and paddling for the purpose of fishing, water skiing and a whole host of other activities. Boating is one activity which millions of individuals participate in worldwide, it could be taken seriously as a sport or as a recreational activity. For the purpose of this article, a few boating activities would be considered. To spice up this activity you should consider the companion of a beautiful woman, i have got something special for you check this out Chicago Escorts. See more here DC GFE Escorts

  • Air boating: the use of an automotive or aircraft engine powered flat-bottomed vessel for fishing, hunting, and tourism purposes. It can also be used for transportation in wet and shallow areas.
  • Canoeing: sometimes called kayaking in some European countries, is the use of a paddle to propel a canoe on the water. This is mainly a recreational activity, but in some African countries it is used for fishing or traveling from one place to another.
  • Jet skiing is the use of a watercraft manufactured by a Japanese company called Kawasaki. The jet ski which is a motorcycle machine is used in jet skiing. The jet ski can carry one or two persons at a time. Jet skiing is majorly recreational.
  • Power boating: an activity performed on the water with the use of a motorized boat. Power boating is usually a racing event. Although, power boats can be used for yachting, water skiing, and waterboarding. Powerboats are generally built to have a high power to weight ratio. The shape of the boat is usually streamlined to reduce air resistance and drag, which aids speed.
  • Sailing: this is a water-based activity where a craft is propelled on the surface of the water through the effects of wind on the sails. When sailing, the course is defined by the direction of the wind because the craft is wind propelled. This activity can either be recreational and most times sporting.
  • Dragon boating is a boating activity performed using a watercraft powered and propelled by humans. This activity is a favorite in Asia, Africa, Puerto Rico and the Pacific They are performed as a competitive event, festivity, etc.
  • Water skiing: this is a water based sport carried out on the surface of the water with an individual pulled by a boat over the water body. It can be liked by individuals of all age grade and skill levels.

So, if you want to explore the world and gain new experiences taming the element called water, I suggest you try any of the boating activities or sport.  You should check this out Escort vacation colombia