Ever dream of living solitarily on a house boat?

Those of us who are not afraid of water have dreamed of building a houseboat and setting off on a huge lake to enjoy life. Making fishing our main source of food and waking up when we want to the sound of gentle splashes against the hull of our boat. And having our lovely escort from Wet n’ Wild Escorts by our side as we do it all. Sounds like a fairytale life. What if you could start building a houseboat for next to nothing today, would you? It can be done. And it can be done for a relatively low cost too.

How much will building a house boat cost you?

It can cost you thousands of dollars and it could cost you nothing except time to build an amazing houseboat. For sake of this article, we are going to let you in on the secret of how you can build you a houseboat for next to nothing. Yes, next to nothing. For under 2000$, you could have a fully operational floating home in a matter of months. The first part is the hardest.

Where to start

This is where your great google skills come into play. Start by scouring the web for classifieds of used pontoon boats either for sale or trade. If you look hard enough, you will find some that people want to give away. This is what you should be looking for. Search in seaside cities. Many people have boats in these cities and either know someone who wants to get rid of one or someone who knows someone.

Once you get your pontoon boat

Now that you got ahold of an old pontoon boat for little to nothing, you need to get ahold of some building supplies. Since we want to build our houseboat for nothing and as little as possible, we need to drive around to local construction sites. At these sites, speak with the site foreman and find out if they have any leftover supplies you can get a good deal on or if they have some scrap material you can have. Luckily, building a houseboat is like building a small home. So, the construction materials are the same.

Study up or get some friends involved

You may or may not be any good at construction work but you don’t have to be. You can get some friends involved to help you with your project. If you don’t have any friends, then get back on the internet and start studying simple framework and anchoring techniques. Don’t rush the building of your houseboat. Take your time and get free materials when you can. This way the only expense that you will have is the cost of moving your houseboat to the water before you set sail.

If this all seems way too complicated for you, then maybe building a houseboat is not for you. Don’t worry though, you can start saving money and do like everyone else and just buy one.