Is buying a used boat right for you?

Okay, so there is a little biased in this article because I went to trade school and studied boat repair. So, putting that biased aside there are many pros and cons of buying a used boat that you should be aware of. Buying any boat is going to be an investment any way you cut it. You have to be prepared to invest in storage, docking, taxes, licenses, equipment, etc. However, by buying a previously owned boat you can cut some of the expenses because trust me, it is easy to find used boats for sale. Some you will find in better condition than others, like everything else.  Buying a boat is very costly though, a good way to cash would be to apply to be an escort at DC GFE Hiring.

In what condition, should I buy my boat?

Depending on your knowledge of boat repair then you can get away with a little damage to the boat you are thinking of buying. Repairing the hull of a small boat is not really all that technical and requires just simple fiberglass repair. It is good to have the tools to do this but if you don’t you can rent them. Buying a used boat that has a little hull damage will be much cheaper than buying a newer boat in more pristine condition but it is all about budget and time you can spend on repairing the boat you buy.

What is the most important to consider about a used boat?

Well, when considering buying a used boat, one the most important things is the condition of the motor. The motor is the heart of the boat. Incidentally, the motor is also the most expensive part of a boat to fix or buy new. So, always make sure that the motor is in good running order. If you buy a boat with a bad motor, you will get cost but spend loads more in motor work, so it isn’t worth it. Personally, I like to find a really ugly and beat up boat with a good motor and then redesign the body. Clean it up with a fresh hull layer and a new coat of paint.

Should I buy a used boat?

Definitely. Boats like cars depreciate in value as soon as you put them on the road or in the case of a boat, the water. So, if you have the time and the required knowledge then surely by a used boat you can make your own. You can always find boats of varying price and conditions, so finding a used boat that suits your budget and needs shouldn’t be too hard.

What are some good sources of finding used boats?

Actually, the best way to find a great boat at a really great price is not online. It is going to boating regions, like Florida and other coastal states and towns. Drive around some of the harbors and areas to ask around. You are almost guaranteed to find people who want to sell their boats because they haven’t used them in years or don’t want to maintain them anymore.